Sunday, December 19, 2010

Lace Cookies

I am so happy to have a full time job (yay health insurance!) but it doesn't leave much time for baking projects, outside of the madness when I made 15 mini loaves of bread with 13 kindergartners in 2 hours.  Therefore I am going to make the most of my christmas break and bake (and blog) up a storm, starting with these lace cookies, 2 very thin buttery, carmely, toffee like crisp cookies stuck together with a thin layer of chocolate.  I have had a very similar cookie from Trader Joe's and was excited to try my hand at making my own.  I am a bit lazy, so instead of tracking down some dark chocolate (which would have been incredibly difficult as they don't carry it at the grocery store or anything....) I used the milk chocolate I already had at home, and the cookies are delicious but I can see where you would want to use the dark chocolate to cut a bit of the super sweetness in the cookies.  The recipe can be found here and I highly recommend that you add these to your holiday cookies repertoire.    

Mix your dry ingredients together...

then your wet.

Then combine the wet and the dry (it's like rocket science, I know).  It does not make much dough, so don't be alarmed when you look into your mixing bowl and wonder how this will turn into 40 cookies, it will, trust me.

Next you scoop the dough onto a cookie sheet, 3/4 teaspoon at a time, which seems like a ridiculously small amount but they will spread out.  A lot.

See?  After 8 minutes those tiny little blobs turned into these big things.      

When they are fully cool, smear the bottom of one with melted chocolate.  And by smear I mean very carefully and gently spread the chocolate so that you don't break the cookie, which is what I did to the first one I tried to sandwich.
Then top it with another cookie and gently press the two together.

Repeat until all the cookies have been paired up into sandwiches.  Check out the recipe here.

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