Saturday, December 18, 2010

Emma's Eats Gift Guides: Whimsey

images via Anthropologie
Some people have everything they NEED for their kitchen, but you can never have everything you WANT for your kitchen, and then of course sometimes the line between need and want gets blurred but that is another conversation for another time.  Anyways, this whimsical gift guide is all about getting someone something fun that they don't need but want.  There are all sorts of fun measuring cups out there, like these ceramic flower ones, they probably won't completely replace your utilitarian stainless steel ones, but your stainless steel ones cant double as a small serving dish for nuts or tapenade in a pinch.  I love the whole idea of recipe bookmarks and this pack of 100 from Anthropologie, with fun patterns printed on card stock would make a great stocking stuffer (that is, if it were still available, but I am keeping them on here anyways, as inspiration.  There are similar products out there if you look, here is one I found).  And when you give these to someone, you are helping them keep track of the amazing recipes they want to make, possibly for you, so you benefit too.  An unusual apron is a fun way to add some glamour to a friends cooking, you can get ones that look like adorable dresses, much more flattering to wear when you are having company over than your old stained, sturdy cotton one.  I love this purple silverware, its got a classic shape but the color is anything but.  Imagine it with crisp white linens, and you have a gift for someone who wants their table settings to pop.  I like giving ornaments as gifts, at this time of year they are everywhere and if you take a minute or two to look at them wherever you are you can pick up the perfect one for everyone on your list by the time you get your other shopping done.  I love this set of russian tea ornaments, but there are millions of food related ornaments to pick from, get your friend who always has a cup of coffee in her hand a mini coffee mug one, the friend who foisted bag after bag of zucchini on you needs a blown glass zucchini for their tree.  Also, the right ornament paired with a gift card or a bottle of wine is a nice way to personalize the gift.  Lastly, everyone needs a bottle opener, but how many people have fun ones?  This old fashioned key would be great to give the beer lover in your life, pair it with a nice six pack for a fun hostess gift, or it would make a perfect stocking stuffer.                 

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