Saturday, December 4, 2010

Emma's Eats Gift Guides: Meat

Images from Williams-Sonoma
Some people are unabashedly meat eaters, solidly in the carnivore camp, and while I wouldn't quite put myself in that category I do sympathize and thus have come up with some ideas for the steak and potatoes types out there.  I thought I would start with bacon, the gateway meat (everyone loves bacon, even vegetarians have professed a fondness for smelling the stuff cooking).  I normally bake my bacon because I am lazy and it is easy, but for the slightly more motivated bacon cooker, a bacon press will help the bacon cook more evenly and quickly, and as an added bonus, you can use it to make a panini.  I am a big fan of using scissors in the kitchen, after all we all learned to use scissors before knives (at least I hope so....) and hacking away at a hunk of meat with a big knife seems much more dangerous and difficult than using poultry shears.  And Martha Stewart uses them, so there's that.  Mini grilling thermometers are adorable and are perfect for someone who throws summer BBQ's and wants to make sure that every steak is cooked to the perfect temperature.  Pair the thermometers with a carving board, little pyramids keep the meat from sliding around and the well traps any juices that escape, and you have the perfect gift for grilling and serving.  For the serious meat lover a sausage stuffer is an original gift idea, this one attaches to a KitchenAid mixer, and opens up a whole world of gourmet ground meat products.                       

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