Sunday, November 27, 2011

Infused Vodka Update

Well dear readers, after 2 weeks I strained the apple cinnamon vodka and brought it to my sister's for a little cocktail party.  We set it out with a pitcher of apple cider and let people spike their own drinks with it and it was quite a hit.  The flavors blended so well that you couldn't even tell there was vodka in the cider even though you poured it in there yourself.  I didn't get to try any of it in tea, but I think that would be quite delicious as well.  All in all, vodka #1 was a success, and I just taste tested #2-4 and they are all quite good.  I believe they could be drunk at any point now, but I am going to let them steep until I need them/save a few bottles to put them in (it is a bit to difficult to pour from quart size mason jars for my level of clumsiness).

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