Thursday, August 12, 2010

Aldi Challenge: Bits and Bobs

We did all of our grocery shopping at Aldi, and that includes more than the dinners I have been featuring here, so here is my evaluation of a couple of the other products we tried out.  Overall, my sister felt that every one of the Aldi products was too salty, but I didn't think so.  I was pretty satisfied with everything except the granola and the turkey tenderloin when eaten by itself.

These were actually quite good, the Savoritz crackers, I would get them again.

They were quite good with the havarti cheese we got, they made a lovely little appetizer to have during our nightly wine time.  I don't know that I have had havarti from a different store, but I feel that the cheeses at Aldi are more mild than their full price counterparts.

Last but not least, the worlds worst granola.  This had such a strange flavor that I was never able to conclusively identify.  My sister said it tasted stale.  I would not buy it again.

 Ok, so this is not exactly a bit or a bob, but a meal we had; it is just not super interesting.  Meals like these are why I don't blog about every single thing I cook, it was decent just nothing spectacular, just a pre-marinated, grilled pork tenderloin.  It tasted just like the ones we get at Safeway.  Boring, but tasty.  

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