Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Blowtorch Smores

I am dipping my toes back into the blogging world with two recent foodie discoveries I made.  First of all, and this one may be a no brainer for you but it was a total aha moment for me, whack a granola bar on the counter a couple of times and you have an instant, already packaged single serving of granola to mix into your yogurt.  I have found the TLC brand of granola bar to lend itself particularly well to being smacked into bits, in fact I feel they are too crumbly if you try to eat them while still in bar form.  Anyways, my second discovery is much more exciting as it involves super easy year round smores.  I just got a blowtorch two days ago for my birthday and of course I immediately started searching my cookbook collection for blowtorchable recipes.  I already had a smores cupcake idea in the works after I tried one this summer (graham cracker crust topped with chocolate cupcake and then toasted marshmallow frosting, it was quite delicious) but I hadn't thought of making a smore itself with the torch, until tonight.  And I must say it worked out quite well.  I used a reese's cup from my Halloween candy stash for the chocolate and split the marshmallow in half so the middle would have more of a chance at melting the middle, which was somewhat effective.  The marshmallow was not as melty as I would have liked, but I think flipping it over and toasting the bottom would have gotten it there, or spreading marshmallow fluff on the graham and then toasting that would have worked, I still need to test that theory.  The reese's cup was a stroke of genius if I do say so myself, I really want to try other candies in my smores now, if I dip into the Halloween stash I can test out almond joys, kit kats, snickers, milky ways and crunch bars too (I'll let you know how it goes).  All in all, in less than sixty seconds I ended up with a fair approximation of one of my favorite summertime treats and I got to play with a blowtorch, so win win.      

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